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Dear Families,

We are so excited to welcome you back in just a few days. Our faculty has officially returned from summer break, and they are hard at work preparing for the 20-21 school year.

We want you to be successful at our school, and we have found that families who communicate, stay engaged (logging in and submitting work), and partner with us have the best success rate. Please take a moment to review the information below with your student(s).

Homeroom Teacher:

This year, each student at Peak Prep will be assigned a homeroom teacher. Your homeroom teacher will be your primary form of communication for support. You will be receiving a welcome email from your homeroom teacher soon if you have not already.


  1. Every student must log in daily (M-F).
  2. Every student must submit work daily (M-F).
  3. If a student is unable to log in and/or submit work, either the student or their parent/guardian will communicate with their assigned homeroom teacher.
  4. The parent/guardian must sign and submit a weekly learning log (attendance verification) to their homeroom teacher. This will be sent to the parent/guardian on Fridays via doc hub for electronic signature.
  5. Every student/parent/guardian will monitor their email regularly.
  6. Students must attend their twice-monthly meetings with their homeroom teacher.

*Your homeroom teacher will be reaching out to you to schedule your meetings (they will take place via phone or google meet).

Important to note:

  1. You will have State Testing (times, dates, and location TBD)
  2. If your student falls behind, it will likely impact their grade and could impact their ability to promote to the next grade level.
  3. If your student needs support in their class, they should reach out to the content teacher for that course.
  4. Our teachers host weekly live lessons that we encourage all students to attend (they are not mandatory). Your student will receive an email from their content teachers with dates, times, and links to their live lessons.
  5. A pupil may miss 5 assignments during any period of 20 school days before an evaluation is conducted to determine whether it is in the best interests of the pupil to remain in an independent study. Therefore, when any pupil fails to complete 5 assignments during any period of 20 school days, the Principal or his or her designee shall conduct an evaluation to determine whether it is in the best interests of the pupil to remain in an independent study.
  6. We want your student to be successful, and we are here to help. If your student is struggling, please let us know so that we can put the proper support in place.

Thank you for sharing your student(s) with us this year!


Mrs. Sabrina Ciolino
Peak Prep Pleasant Valley

Home office with dog

Hello, my name is Mrs. Ciolino.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resource Management at Sonoma State University prior to attending Dominican University where I earned my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. I taught in elementary school prior to transitioning to online school, where I have been working as a school administrator for the past several years.

I LOVE sports, and manage my daughter‘s travel soccer team, as well as coaching various youth sports in my community (softball, baseball, basketball, soccer). I am a huge Disney fan, and I enjoy cooking, kayaking, travel, and watching my children play sports.

What’s in my Bitmoji classroom?

  • On the bookshelf is:

    • The books that I am currently reading
    • A framed photo of my children on the bookshelf (I have this in my real office)!
    • My Disneyland and Disney World Olszewski castles
    • My cell phone
    • An autographed Babe Ruth ball (I wish I had this in my collection)
    • A bear kayaking
    • A mini fridge filled with water
  • The cute white Lab is my dog Pluto! He is almost always in my office sleeping by my desk. He loves to chase tennis balls in our backyard.
  • The desk in my Bitmoji classroom is my real desk!
  • On my desk are some of my favorite things:
    • My laptop
    • Banana ice cream
    • A cup of black tea in my Starbucks Disneyland mug
    • A vase with some pink peonies (peonies are my favorite flower)
Funny Fact: When I went to Disneyland with my goddaughter we went to get ice-cream at Creamistry (if you have never been I highly recommend it). I decided to get banana ice-cream. My goddaughter kept telling me that I did not have to get banana, and that I could get something better like chocolate, but I told her I wanted banana. Later that day we were in line for Dumbo and one of the kids was hungry. I pulled a banana out of my purse and offered it to them. Now my goddaughter calls me Auntie Nana!