2022-2023 School Year

Board Meetings

8/3/2022, Regular Board Meeting, 3:30pm
Agenda Package

2021-2022 School Year

Board Meetings


6/27/2022, Special Board Meeting, 9 am

5/18/2022, Regular Board Meeting, 4pm


5/3/2022–Special Board Meeting, 12pm


4/15/2022–Special Board Meeting, 9am

4/13/2022–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm-CANCELED, Being Rescheduled.


4/11/2022–Special Board Meeting, 2pm


3/09/2022–Special Board Meeting, 3pm


2/16/2022–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm


1/21/2022–Special Board Meeting (1/19/2022–Agenda), 12:30pm


1/19/2022–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm–Canceled (Moved to Friday 1/21/2022, 12:30pm)


12/9/2021–Special Board Meeting, 10:30am

11/17/2021–Public Meeting & Regular Meeting, 4pm

10/26/2021–Special Meeting, 10am

10/20/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm–Canceled 


9/15/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

8/12/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

2020-2021 School Year

6/09/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

5/19/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

4/21/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

3/17/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

2/24/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

1/20/2021–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm.

12/16/2020–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm.

11/18/2020–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

10/21/2020–Regular Board Meeting, 4pm

9/16/2020–Annual Board Meeting, 4pm

8/19/2020–Regular Meeting, 4pm

7/30/20–Special Meeting


Consistent with Education Code Section 234.6, et al., the Charter School shall post on its website policies and procedures on suicide prevention for grades K-12, definition of discrimination and harassment based on sex, Title IX information, sexual harassment policy, hate violence prevention (if exists), anti-discrimination, harassment, bullying policies, anti-cyberbullying policies, section on social media bullying, and link to statewide resources.